Psychological games workshop

The psychological games that exist in human relationships are defined in terms of transactional analysis (TA). According to the analysis of mutual behavior, every human being is in one of the states of his child, adult or parent at any given moment and is constantly changing from one state to another.

Eric Berne explains that the reason these games continue to go on in daily life is that one of the players is so-called cheating.
The games are repetitive. Each person plays their favorite game over and over again at different times. Opposing sides of the game and circumstances may change. But the pattern of the game does not change.
Games are played without adult awareness. Despite the fact that people repeat the games over and over again, they play their game again and again without knowing it. Only when the actor reaches the final scenes of the game may he ask himself: How did this happen again? Even at this stage, it is not usually the people who have been involved in launching the game themselves.

Learn more about psychological games and transactional analysis at the psychological games workshop.

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