The first “Zero-Waste Campus” contest among Iranian universities

The collection, separation and processing of waste is a big challenge in Iranian Universities. Public awareness and teaching about these issues to students and universities staff is one of the most important actions which is usually neglected.

 For the first time, the contest of “Zero-Waste University” is going to hold in the Amirkabir University of Technology. The main purpose of this completion is to increase the student’s awareness about the waste and the importance of separation at the source. In this competition, the students should form their teams, and then, they should collect the solid wastes in different categories. The collected wastes will be scored based on their level of peril, importance, the value in the recycling process and etc, and they will be weighted at the end.  The team with the highest score will get the 1st rank.

  • In order to get the instruction of the contest, click here. ⬇️

The first series of photo and video competitions of HAMPAK campaign: “Great Goals, Small Steps”

HAMPAK campaign with the slogan “Let’s start with ourselves” presents

The first series of photo and video competitions titled “Great Goals, Small Steps”

In order to participate in the contest, send an artistic photo or a 1 minute video in the field of sustainable development (in campus environment) to the Instagram page of Office of Sustainability, (Amirkabir University of Technology) at sustainable_aut until July 27th, 2018.

  • The best photo and video will be awarded valuable prizes.

  • Recommended fields:

► Energy saving and renewable energies

► Waste management

► Clean transportation

► Air pollution

► Water conservation

► Biodiversity

► Social aspects of sustainable development

► Ecotourism

Let’s not forget that the campaign’s goal is to start achieving sustainable development from ourselves, although our activities appear to be seemingly small and less effective. So do not miss the chance to participate in this competition.