Final Statement of the Second Consensus on “Food Security and Sustainable Governance of Water Resources”

Second Water Resources Policy Makers’ Conference on “Food Security and Sustainable Governance” by the Center for Industrial and Productivity Engineering Research and Sustainable Development Office of Amirkabir University of Technology in collaboration with Ministry of Agriculture Jihad, Ministry of Energy, EPA and Chamber of Commerce, Mines The Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Agriculture held a meeting on 24 January 94 to identify challenges in this area and present practical solutions.

In this one-day visit, experts and regional water thinkers on five axes are expected to discuss water crises so the country can provide its financial services. The proposed method for this visit is in accordance with the year that their brothers have changed, at your service. Three experts in the field can always be used with executive vice presidents with free advertising clip designs.

Meeting Goals:

The main purpose of the meeting was to identify challenges in the country’s water resources, to form a think tank and specialized working groups to work together to address the water shortage crisis and to propose strategic plans for the Sixth Development Plan.

Meeting topics:

The axes selected for the discussions of the Second Sustainable Water Governance Summit can be summarized as follows:

  1. Food security
  2. Sustainable Governance of Water Resources.
  3. Water resource management
  4. Institutional, Legal and Structural Aspects of Water Resources Management.
  5. Cultural aspects and information in water resources management.

The final statement file containing 38 paragraphs is attached and can be downloaded.