Publication of LEED Regulations, a reference for environmental rating of buildings by Amirkabir University of Technology

The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), which was developed under the auspices of the American Green Building Association and is implemented in this country and some other countries (such as Canada, India, etc.) is in fact a response to Countries are concerned about the importance of the construction industry with an approach to solving environmental problems, including global climate change, uneconomical and misuse of natural resources, as well as threats to human health. The initial move to grant LEED certification to buildings is in fact a move towards sustainable development in the construction industry and quantification of the concept of green building.
In translating this regulation, an attempt has been made to use appropriate Persian equivalents that have been in various books or suggested by experts. Also, some of the corrections that the authors think need further explanation are written in a footnote or listed for further study. You can download the full details of this book from this link.

Those who are interested can purchase this book from the bookstore of Amirkabir University of Technology, located next to Valiasr Door (contact number +98-21-664988868).