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M.Sc. Shahid Beheshti University


In the late twentieth century, by publishing international manifesto, such as Rio, the issues such as environmental degradation which can reduce the benefits of using the natural resources for future generations became an international concern and the beginning of the sustainability movement and development. To achieve these objectives, the cooperation of the different parts of society such as the industries and subsequently the construction industry was needed. On the other hand, each construction project could affect three aspects of sustainability, i.e., environmental, economic and social, therefore, to align with the global movement, it is necessary to move the construction industry towards sustainability. So my thesis subject was selected in this field "Identification and Analysis of the Opportunities and Constraints of Sustainability Implementation in Construction Project Life Cycle". During this research sustainable development office helped me to be connected with others who are active in this field, so I could collect the professionals' ideas and analyzing the impacts of environmental and social aspects of construction projects. I presented the results of my research at 1th September 2013 at Shahid Beheshti University. I hope that all of this kind of researches be made available to the project team, Then it can be considered as a suitable tool to find out the opportunities and to reduce the effects of the constraints.

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