Sustainable Energies

Polytechnic Tehran University as pioneer in sustainable development in Iran has a good record of activity in sustainable development area. Constitution of sustainability office for pursuing sustainability objectives through talent students which are interested in sustainability matters is one of the noticeable sign in this way. In this regards, sustainable energies group could demonstrate great strive to develop the concept of sustainability at the Polytechnic Tehran University as a strict activity for the first time in Iran.


The purpose of this group is to share concept of sustainability in energy using area as a primitive goal. Then, this group with rely on their active students want to accomplish sustainable energy objectives in the university and other places.


Research area

  •  Sustainable energies
  •  Potential evaluating in renewable energy area
  • Research project in several kind of renewable energies (Solae, Wind, Hydro power, Geothermal, Tidal, Fuel cell and Hydrogen, Ocean)


Group objectives

  • Creating a requirement space to promote sustainable energy in University and society level
  • Cooperation with internal and external organizations for doing research projects
  • Presenting several educational courses to promotion of sustainable energies from stand point of cultural matter in the scale of university and society

Our motto is: "Sustainable energy for sustainable society"

 You can find more information about this group on following link:



Coordinator (Payam Abbaszadeh)












AUT Office of Sustainability, Room 904, 9th floor, Textile Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Hafez Ave, Tehran, Iran

Tell: (+98) 21 64545009

Fax: (+98) 21 42694034



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