Honorary Members

Melissa Goodall is the Assistant Director of the Yale Office of Sustainability. In this role, she is responsible for strategic projects and outreach to advance Yale’s position as a global institutional leader on sustainability and climate change. She is particularly focused on fostering strategic faculty, staff, and student partnerships across the university that lead to the research and implementation of sustainability best practices. Her specific areas of interest are connecting global policy to local action; food and community; and sustainability planning. She is chair of the Yale Sustainability Microloan Committee and co-chair of the University’s Paper Reduction Committee.For five years prior to joining the Yale Sustainability team, Melissa was the Associate Director of the Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy. During her time with the Center, Melissa managed a range of projects related to environmental governance, environmental attitudes and behavior, and data-driven environmental decision-making. She kindly cooperate with AUT's Office of Sustainability from August 2013  Ref: http://sustainability.yale.edu/users/melissa-goodall



 Siavash Isazadeh is a PhD candidate in McGill University in the department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics. His research focuses on Biological Wastewater Treatment and particularly includes Process Modelling and Microbial Ecology. His main interest is to explore and predict bacterial population behavior in bio-engineered systems.   Prior to join McGill, he worked in Air Pollution Modelling and Wastewater Treatment in Water and Energy Institute of Sharif University of Technology for three years. Siavash holds a B.Sc. in Environmental Health Engineering with honors from Iran University of Medical Science and M.Sc degree in Environmental Engineering from Sharif University of Technology (SUT).  He honorary Cooperates with office of sustainability in laboratories safety

From Oct 2013



Dr. Kaufman has retired from his position as Professor of Chemistry at Curry College near Boston Massachusetts.  Prior to Curry, he was a research chemist at Dow Chemical.  While there, he became increasingly involved in lab safety activities and authored Laboratory Safety Guidelines, which has become the world's most widely distributed lab safety publication.  Dr. Kaufman is regarded as the nation's foremost authority on safety instruction in academia.  He is the author-narrator of the ACS Audio Course on Laboratory Safety and Editor of Waste Disposal in Academic Institutions, Lewis Publishers, as well as the "One-Day Lab Safety Audio Seminar" and "Two-Day Lab Video Short Course." Additionally, Dr. Kaufman is chair with ICASE, Committee on Safety in Science Education International Council for Associations of Science Education. He honorary Cooperates with office of sustainability in laboratories safety

From Dec 2013


AUT Office of Sustainability, Room 904, 9th floor, Textile Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Hafez Ave, Tehran, Iran

Tell: (+98) 21 64545009

Fax: (+98) 21 42694034





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