2nd workshop on life cycle assessment

Life cycle assessment is a “cradle to grave” approach to assess industrial systems. The comprehensive approach, namely, “cradle to grave”, starts the assessment with the collection of the raw materials for producing things and ends with the return of the consumed product to the ground. Life cycle assessment makes it possible to estimate the cumulative environmental effects of all production process stages of the product’s life cycle. LCA is one of the experts that environmental engineers should be familiar with to be able to professionally evaluate projects, products, activities, etc., and make vital decisions to reduce environmental impacts. Today, to facilitate LCA for environmental engineers, some software has been developed. One of the most famous ones is openLCA software, which is open-source, practical, and common among engineers. In this course, the LCA approach and openLCA software will be trained.

  • Time: 10th- 11th July 2021 4:00 PM- 8:00 PM
  • Costs:
    • Students of Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT): 2,700,000 Rials
    • Members of AUT Office of Sustainability: 2,700,000 Rials
    • Other students: 3,200,000 Rials
    • Others (not student): 4,500,000 Rials
  • Online platform: Adobe Connect
  • Certificate will be awarded on behalf of AUT Office of Sustainability

ظرفیت دوره تکمیل شده است. با تشکر از همراهی شما The course is fully booked. Thank you