“HAMPAK” campaign on the occasion of the World Environment Day- June 2018- Khordad 1397

Achieving a sustainable university, city, and country requires serious determination and action. If we want to reduce poverty, have food security, have a healthy and prosperous life, provide education and training for all, have adequate and safe water resources, provide energy from sustainable resources and to see real economic growth, the infrastructures of our be able to cope with the dangers and threats, reduce inequality across the country, properly produce and use it properly, to avoid climate change and its adverse effects, use our marine resources well, preserve biodiversity and ecosystems and establishing peace and establish peace and justice in society and contribute to the world, We must start today. Sustainable development is based on healthy humans in a healthy environment. If we are looking for a healthy environment, today it’s time to modify our choices and behaviors so that these goals can be realized in the future. As long as we do not have a serious determination, nothing will change. The most important starting point for any kind of improvement and change is when we find out that we have to start with ourselves. If each of us practice our responsibility and playing our role well, though small and inconspicuous, there will definitely be a bright future ahead of society. Thus, in order to advance in sustainable development, let’s start with ourselves and show that we adhere to what we say and believe.

From today, June 5, 2018 (Khordad 15), on the occasion of World Environment Day, the new campaign of Office of Sustainability, Amirkabir University of Technology, entitled “HAMPAK“, launches. We invite you to join this campaign, keep us up to date by your efforts to promote sustainable development and environmental protection and be the sustainable compeer of Amirkabir University. The first series of the competitions in this campaign will be launched soon and we will announce it through the official website and channel of the office. So “Let’s start with ourselves“… .