Report on the activities of the AUT’s Office of Sustainability (2012-2016)

Office of Sustainability of Amirkabir University of Technology was established in the summer of 2011, directed by Dr. Maknoon, a respected member of the faculty of the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Eng. Morteza Nikravan, a graduate of Civil and Environmental Engineering (assistant director), to work in the field of environment and Green University. The purpose of establishing this office is to organize and support the activities of all students, professors and staff of different faculties of the university in order to achieve the goals of sustainable development and turn Amirkabir University of Technology into a “green campus” and fulfill the slogan of leading Amirkabir University in sustainable development. In this report, while introducing the Office of Sustainability, the goals and actions taken, including holding conferences, seminars, workshops and projects, are briefly stated. To read the report, refer to the publications section of the site.