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    President’s Message

    I am pleased to see AUT’s Office of Sustainability established in 2011 to increase environmental consciousness and practices for student, staff and faculty; reduce AUT’s waste generation, promote safety of laboratory; and lower our environmental impact by re-examining our consumption habits; and promote the use of green products.

    Reducing land pressure based on the region’s ecological capability, increasing resource efficiency and productivity and preventing pollution from spreading to critical resources such as groundwater, rivers and soils requires new thinking and a revolution in development.

    +100 Members

    from the beginning

    +40 National event

    speech, conference, workshop, contest

    +5 International event

    in-person and online

    5 Industrial project

    In collaboration with various organizations

    In the words of graduates

    The AUT Office of Sustainability, in addition to raising the awareness of the university community and guiding students in the field of environment and sustainable development, has been able to create a healthy and dynamic environment, a wide and valuable network of students and researchers in this field. A network that, after 8 years of continuous activity, has gone beyond the borders of the country’s higher education space and has gained international prestige.

    The Office of Sustainability was a seed that grew during these years with the efforts of the founders and each of those who kept its lights on, and today it is a seedling that has a long way to go before it becomes a tree, and its atmosphere is such that anyone can leave their mark on this path.

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