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69) Gov’t of Iran + Japan + UNDPIran working together to restore Urmia Lake. (English)
68) Glimmers of hope for saving Lake Urmia.

67) Saving Lake Urmia needs more than 1 billion dollars. (Persian)

66) 6 bicyclists travelling to Lake Urmia as environmental ambassadors. (Persian)

65) Darvish: Iran ponds are drastically drying up. (Persian)

64) Lake Urmia is more than 90% dry! "Tsunami of Salt" arising from Lake Urmia will head for Tehran. (Persian)

63) Latest photo of lake Urmia, 17 May 2014. (Photo)

62) Azer News: Iran drafts new proposals for reviving Lake Urmia. (English)

61) Transferring water from PIRANSHAHR to Lake Urmia must be considered. (Persian)

60) We must optimize the agriculture in Urmia basin. (Persian)

59) Keykha: Iran's ranking in Water Eco-systems Management is 130 out of 132! (Persian)

58) Lake Urmia will dry completely, soon. (Persian)

57) TRT: Just 6% of Lake Urmia is alive! (Photos + Persian)

56) Iran's water crisis threatens its future. (English)
55) This year, water shortage in Iran will be much more severe than last years.

54) Tabriz will become uninhabitable if Lake Urmia dries up. (Persian)

53) A shrinking dried up lake in photos, Lake Urmia. (English + Photos)

52) "Cloud seeding" is not an effective way to save Lake Urmia. (Persian)

51) 100 villages are suffering from water shortages, due to drying up of Lake Urmia. (Persian)

50) Parviz Kardovani: Transferring water from Aras River to Lake Urmia is a betrayal. (Persian)

49) Urmia's Mayor: The government hasn't done much to save Lake Urmia and it is unacceptable. (Persian)

48) Different views & debates about saving Lake Urmia. (Persian)

47) 28 cm rise in Lake Urmia's water levels because of seasonal rainfall. (Persian)

46) Lake Urmia's revival will be phased. (Persian)

45) Planting halophytes may be a solution to avoid "Tsunami of Salt" in Urmia. (Persian)

44) All sugar beet cultivations will be transferred out of Lake Urmia's basin. (Persian)

43) Independent committee of Environment will be formed in "Expediency Discernment Council of the System". (Persian)

42) JICA and DOE officials have met and discussed about possible ways of saving Lake Urmia. (Persian)

41) Saving Lake Urmia, if happens, is the touchstone of Department of Environment, says Kahrom. (Persian)

40) Continuing production in Urmia's basin depends on tillaging products which need lower water use. (Persian)

39) Karim Mehri: Water resources shortage, jeoperdises Urmia's agriculture. (Persian)

38) Ebtekar opposed to transfer of water from Aras River to Lake Urmia. (English)

37) PolicyMic: The people of these 9 countries are facing really scary water shortages. (English + Photos)

36) Azernews (Azerbaijan Republic): Experts warn about deficiences of project to transfer River Aras water to Lake Urmia. (English)

35) Indiana Gazette: Iran confronts crisis of low water supply. (English)

34) Hajrasoolihaa: Four new offices for water management are formed in Iran, including one for Urmia's Basin. (Persian)

33) Today's Zaman (Turkish Newspaper): Will Iran save Lake Urmia? (English)

32) Fears of exodus of 14 million people and political velitations, if Lake Urmia dries up completely. (English)

31) AsiaNews: Iran's government drive to save Lake Urmia from exploitation. (English)

30) Recent pictures from what's left of Lake Urmia. (Photos)

29) Kioomarth Daneshjoo: All unauthorized agricultural wells in Western Azerbaijan will be distinguished soon. (Persian)

28) Prof. Tajrishi (Sharif University of Technology): The strategic plan document for saving Lake Urmia will be offered to government in May 2014 (Ordibehesht 1393). (Persian)

27) Salt extraction must not be overindulged. (Persian) 

26) What is the age of Lake Urmia? (Persian)

25) Iran's Parliament allocates $17 M to save Lake Urmia (English)

24) Shrinking of Lake Urmia (Video on Youtube)

23) Claudia Roth (Vice President of Bundestag: Germany's Parliament): We support Iran's new point of view about saving Lake Urmia. (Persian)

22) Naser Aagh: The most effective way to save Lake Urmia is the "step by step revival method" (Persian)

21) Russian Prof. Nikolai Aladdin: Iran needs to revolutionize their irrigation methods in order to save Lake Urmia (Persian)

20) Dr Saeed Motesaddi from DOE: "Cloud Seeding" is not an option for saving Lake Urmia (Persian)

19) Lake Urmia in the eyes of YAHOO! (Photos)

18) Naser Aagh: Suspension of all agricultural activities in Lake Urmia's basin is one of our short-term solutions (Persian)

17) UN officials to meet DOE authorities in mid-March regarding Lake Urmia & Hamon (Persian)

16) The deterioration of Lake Urmia is overriding its revival (Persian)

15) UNEP: The Drying of Iran's Lake Urmia (English: PDF)

14) FOX: Iran's severe water shortage may lead to rationing + Lake Urmia crisis (English)

13) Department of Environment says no to the idea of transfering water from Aras river to Lake Urmia (Persian)

12) Climate & Security: Eye on Iran, Lake Urmia, water, climate and security in a volatile region (English)

11) VIDEO: What happened in Lake Urmia from 2002 to 2012 (Video)

10) JICA specialists to help Iran save Lake Urmia (English)

9) Finding a solution... Iran's top five universities involved (Persian)

8) A thought-provoking cartoon about Lake Urmia (Cartoon)

7) Iran's Energy Minister: Revival of Lake Urmia will take 10 to 15 years (English)

6) Jennifer Hattam's interesting article about Lake Urmia (English)

5) Climate Progress: The water level of Middle East's biggest lake have dropped 95% in two decades (English)

4) UNEP: The Drying of Iran's Lake Urmia and its Environmental Consequences (English)

3) "Tsunami of Salt" will reach Tehran if Lake Urmia dries up (Persian)

2) 19 proposed solutions for saving Lake Urmia (Persian)

1) New York Times' report on Iran's Water Crisis and Lake Urmia (Persian translation is available at PROJECTS section) (English)


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