Water and Sustainable Development

The blue planet that is our fragile and precious home has vast water resources, but only a fraction of these resources are of freshwater. It is that small volume of freshwater that must meet the needs of billions of people, the rich variety of animals and the plethora of plants that make this planet so remarkable. Yet freshwater resources are distributed unevenly across the surface of the earth, and the geological scars of old riverbeds, now dry, provide the evidence that where there is water now, there may not always be water1.

We are approaching the limits of human exploitation of freshwater resources, notably in growing essential food, and this is aggravated by climate change. Many argue, however, that the situation is best described as ‘water stress’, any symptoms of crisis being entirely the fault of bad management. The complexities and uncertainties associated with improving our management of fresh water take the potential remedies out of the hands of simple, local, hard engineering and into much larger units – the basin, the ecosystem and the global context – and also require longer-term perspectives2.

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2- Newson. M; “Land, Water and Development”, Taylor & Francis e-Library; 2008








Water and sustainable Development Group

Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT)is the pioneer in sustainability development and is developing its activities in this field by constitution of sustainability office that is developing by some groups, too.

“Water And Sustainable Development” is one of these groups that is established and aimed by two main targets:  

1-      Informing members from new ways of thinking in water sector

2-      Idea generation in the water governance and development fields, in order to present condition in water sector

To achieving these targets our group will try to: 

1-      Conducting educational programs.

2-      Holding conferences.

3-      Developing a communication network with water sector professionals.

4-      Providing and circulating Information about Innovative management methods from water supply and demand management.

5-      Conducting research activities.

6-      Helping academic community to provide applicable thesis topics.

7-      Developing Effective communication water sector within the country in order to promoting sustainable development goals.



You can find more information about this group on following link:


Coordinator (Hamid Sohrabi)

Other memembers



Virtual Water Introduction (First Issue of virtual water series)

 Virtual water trade and sustainable Development (The second issue of virtual water series)

                Water footprint and water sector planing (Third issue of virtual water series)



Workshop on "Virtual water trade as the way for sustainable management of water sector", 5th iranian water resources management conference

                    Brochure and Poster







Attendance at professional summits, 5th iranian water resources management conference


AUT Office of Sustainability, Room 904, 9th floor, Textile Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Hafez Ave, Tehran, Iran

Tell: (+98) 21 64545009

Fax: (+98) 21 42694034





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