Sustainable Economy Committee

Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT) is the pioneer of sustainable development studies among the Iranian universities.
In the course of history, economy has been consistently noticed as one of the three essential bases of sustainable development and one of the fundamental principles of human societies.

As a result of the macro-economics’ crucial role in sustainable development studies, and lack of a dedicated Economics Department at AUT, establishing an economical study group in the Sustainable Development Office seems to be necessary. This is why some of the students interested in economics gathered together to form an organized study group, taking advantage of the well-known professors in this field to bring this less-regarded subject a position it deserves.

AUT Economics Group at the Sustainable Development Office (SUST-ECON) tries to focus on the fundamental economical issues in the macro level in addition to sustainable development studies, as well as conducting various activities aimed at raising the economical understanding of the students.

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